The Secret Marketing Strategy Behind Black Lives Matter

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Today, let's talk about how Black Lives Matter (one of the Illuminati/Globalists' many branches) manipulates countless people around the world.

Like basically everything else the Globalists/Illuminati do, the BLM movement plays upon people's emotions and sense of compassion to accomplish the Globalist agenda.

Whether you're a marketer or not, you should know that marketing is basically comprised of the following:

  • Your core message and how it resonates with your audience
  • How that message spreads to your target audience

So how does a group like this spread its message so effectively?

First, their core message:

  • "Silence is violence" - Classic polarization with a rhyme to make it stick. Rhymes make people remember shit, they're WAY catchier and more repeated, and they have a greater "trust" factor to them in the subconscious mind.
  • "No justice, no peace" - Basically projecting that "we won't stop until we get our demands." This aims to fuels their members and intimidate their adversaries.
  • Black Lives Matter (the name itself) - "We're for black lives. If you disagree with us, you aren't, so you're a racist." Pretty self explanatory; think polarization on a loaded subject.

How does their message spread?

Simple - aside from the media, every controlled celebrity asset and major corporation has promoted it, facts and evidence be damned.

This is done through blackmail, threats, and the desire to safely stay part of the herd.

So huge corporations and celebrities with massive platforms say that they're for it and the message is spread to 100s of millions nearly instantly.

Drop shippers would KILL for that type of reach to sell their cat necklaces in a massive global cat necklace conspiracy.

Remember, BLM has not donated a single dollar to a black charity, and they ignore other black causes of death like abortion, black on black crime, etc.

Over the summer you've seen them destroying cities, looting, rioting, whatever, and almost all of their supporters ignored it.

Remember, logic isn't important for most, people are almost 100% persuaded with emotion.

So why else is their message so effective?

They weaponize people's compassion to recruit sympathizers "organically" to Divide and Conquer the population.


Let's say you're a black dude (shout out to my woke brothas). You see a black guy get killed by police unjustly.

It shakes you to the core, so you sympathize with those who seem to be for your cause.

In the meantime you get tossed into a group who thinks anyone who criticizes your new beliefs even 1% is a racist who hates you for the very person you are.

It's not until you're counter persuaded with emotion, like:

  • Seeing them destroy your city,
  • Harassing people you relate to on social media, or
  • Hearing people you're cool with speaking out against them for things that don't line up...

That you may start to say "nope, fuck this."

See how it all works now?

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