Everything "they" taught you was a psy-op.


History is a psy-op.

They want you to think we're at the greatest point to ever exist.

They don't want you to know advanced civilizations used to exist.

They want you to think their heroes, such as Wilson, FDR, and many others, should be your heroes.

Geology is a psy-op.

They don't want you to know we've had natural periods of extreme temperature changes.

They want you to think that all changes are man made.

They want you to believe it's all your fault, because then you'll fall for their wealth stealing climate agendas.

Nutrition is a psy-op.

They want you to think "vegetable oils" are healthy for you.

They want you to think meat, something we've eaten for millennia, is bad for you.

They want you to think unhealthy is healthy and vice versa, so you're fat, sick, and farmed for Pharma profits.

The medical system is a psy-op.

They want you to think we're on the cutting edge of medicine.

They want you to think natural cures are voo-doo science.

They want you to think expensive drugs and procedures are the answer when they lied to you about how to care for yourself.

Entertainment is a psy-op.

They want you to be easily distracted by dirty, cheap dopamine rushes.

They want you to be addicted to others' success and glamor.

They want your personal beliefs and political opinions shaped by their false prophets and depraved sense of morality.

Social media is a psy-op.

They want your brain rewired by notifications and brainless 10 second videos.

They want you to believe their topics are popular when they aren't.

They want you manipulated by numbers and algorithms so you believe only what they want you to believe.

The media is a psy-op.

They want you to believe only what they tell you.

They want you to never question anything they say so you advance their agendas.

They want you to stay in the bubble by thinking that anyone outside of their narrative is a dangerous "conspiracy theorist."

The TV is a psy-op.

They want you in hypnotic state watching it.

They want you to fall for their "programming" (it's in the name).

They want you to believe all their figure heads and talking points so you're uneducated, outrage and drama addicted, and living a soul-less life.

The money system is a psy-op.

They want you to think fiat currency is the only way forward.

They want you to believe welfare programs and manipulation of interest rates are in your favor.

They want you misinformed about their system while they've robbed you blind for decades.

The educational system is a psy-op.

They've taught you many of the lies above.

They want you to be a drone, miseducated and absorbing liberal propaganda like it's the only way to go.

They want you to think that their degrees and cycle of debt are the only way to be successful.

The opposition is a psy-op.

They know the best way to defeat the opposition is to control it.

They'll tell you 80% truth while obscuring the 20% that matters.

They can't make everyone believe their narrative, so they herd you into "opposing" camps and keep you misinformed.

Depression is a psy-op.

They poisoned you through air, food, water, and mind and said you're depressed.

They threw fake studies and experts at you to convince you it's a "chemical imbalance"

They want you addicted to their mind numbing pills and to starve your life of meaning.

Racism is a psy-op.

They created policies and situations to cause mass migration to Western nations.

They artificially divided the population by race through politics and media to keep us fighting each other.

They convinced us we were the problem so we'd never fight back.

Feminism is a psy-op.

They pitted women against men to further divide the population.

They used women's votes to grow the size of government and gain more power.

They created mistrust and destroyed relations between genders to demoralize and depress the population.

Social Justice is a psy-op.

They manipulated people's sense of compassion so they'd vote for big government.

They had major celebrities support these causes to make you feel it's inevitable.

When you saw through it, they attacked your morality to shame you for fighting back.

Music is a psy-op.

They dumbed down and robotized our music to attack the beauty of our culture.

They put musicians in top places based not on talent, but instead on depravity.

They used music as a weapon to hypnotize the population and pervert our morality.

Modern Architecture is a psy-op.

They removed the function and beauty of classical architecture.

They created 'modern' architecture so it's an eyesore no longer harmonious with nature.

They altered our architecture to become void of beauty to further demoralize us.

Religion is a psy-op.

They perverted and hid ancient religious books to subvert their messaging.

They flipped religions against each other and kept people away from their creator.

They deceived us about virtue while they were busy snatching, torturing and sacrificing children!

Culture is a psy-op

They knew you'd never escape their influence if they surrounded you on every level.

They controlled culture; TV, movies, music, etc to control your mind.

They knew you wouldn't listen just to institutions so they had to control the culture as well.

Reality is a psy-op.

They thought if they just operated behind the scenes you won't suspect them.

They know if they manipulate what your mind sees as acceptable, you'll be docile.

They never want you to read and accept content like this because then you'll be awakened & empowered.

Get the picture yet?

I could go on and on.

Now, despite all of this...the good news is this.

You've been woken up.

Some chain of events has brought you to this moment of conscious ascension.

And only through this knowledge can you make an action plan to change yourself and those around you willing to listen.

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