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Have you ever been walking down the street, grumbling to yourself about a situation you’re In, things you have to do, or feeling sorry and upset for yourself?

When you glance up you notice someone absolutely beaming with a smile to you, before you know it you’re smiling back.
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In a moment, you’ve been transformed.

When you smile at someone it makes them feel good about themselves; Quite literally it is a direct transfer of positive energy.

When you smile at your plants, they feel your energy and they grow. You go Home each day to your dog and smile at him, patting him. He’ll be happy and wag his tail.

If you go home and yell at your dog, he will respond appropriately. If you scream at your loved ones, they’ll feel defensive and unloved.

A real smile is a transmitter of energy which has a warming healing effect.

Someone that doesn’t smile cannot access this side of life - he does not develop his ability to give and receive love.

Ultimately his dark countenance and serious approach to life manifest in medical disorders as his life crumble for lack of care and love.

Smiling to yourself should be considered a vital part of the health system inside you.
Smiling to the person who you are with 100% of the time, YOURSELF.

Developing an inner wellspring of beautiful energy that heals you and others around you.

This is why masks are so poisonous to the fabric of our societies. They eliminate the human side and that energetic connection from people - bringing everyone down in vibration and collectively reducing our healing power.

Are you going to accept a muzzle?

Part of the reason the West is experiencing an unprecedented wave of chronic health problems is the blocking of the healing energy that is innate to us as humans.

Loneliness is the biggest health factor in contribution to an early death. More so than obesity.
IF we are all in these huge cities but feel disconnected from everyone else through artificial and literal policies, then what is this doing to our mental health but our physical health as well?

Make it your mission to Smile and beam positive energy out to each and every person you meet, every day.

You never know when it could make someones day, or quite literally save them from an early death of loneliness.


Beautiful as always, Sol Brah. 🙏 It's really something special how a smile can alter someone's day. I know if I'm having a rough time and someone smiles at me, the negative feeling seems to just melt away and I am reminded to not take life so seriously.

btw, I saw on Twitter that you posted so I had to come check it out ;) ready for this project to BLOW UP!!!