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The word "Apocalypse" often evokes images of destruction, despair and global cataclysm, but what does the word really mean?


The word we often to use to describe the end of the world actually simply refers to a great REVEALING of what's been hidden. That being said, those of us who have dedicated time into discovering the true nature of our global ruling class know that a mass disclosure of this truth may very well indeed "end the world" as we know it.

Those of us in the truth community also know this type of mass awakening is a tall order given the ever increasing levels of Web 2.0 internet censorship. Luckily for us, blockchain and other uncensorable decentralized technology like IPFS have evolved just in time to fill the gap.

This is where Project Revelation comes in.



Building off of the battle tested Hive blockchain technology, Project Revelation will provide a platform to share information banned everywhere else. Even better, thanks to the miracle of "delegated proof of stake" it includes built in monetization that is not reliant on advertisers or centralized payment processors like Paypal.

As our communities are under constant attack by ban waves (like the one performed by Twitter yesterday) we desperately need a new place to collaborate.

Enter ProjectRevelation.io:

twiter sized vemnn.jpg

Our initial structure is simple: 12 elite content creators and community leaders from different ideologically congruent niches have been chosen to become our first whitelisted creators (with a combined following exceeding 300,000).

While anyone with a Hive account will still be able to read and comment on posts, only those 12 accounts will be able to create posts. This not only increases the rewards available for these influencers, but also ensures extremely high post quality.


12 iniates.jpg

Perks of being one of the 12 include:

  • 12 invites to distribute to content creators of your choosing

  • 2,333 $REVX token delegation: provides a powerful upvote (tokens aren't tradable, but make your upvote worth big $)

  • 333 $REVX token airdrop: to distribute to your community at your discretion to incentivize them to use the platform


In addition to the content from our whitelisted creators, our Project Revelation team will be running 3 sections of the site focusing on different objectives that work towards our goal of being a censorship resistant one stop shop:



One of the worst parts about deplatforming is that when your favorite content creator gets kicked off the site you usually view their content on, it's impossible for them to communicate where to find them now. Sometimes you may not even notice their disappearance for weeks, and when you do, the work necessary to find them is often not worth it.

For this reason, in our "Raptured" section we will not only be telling you where to find banned influencers, but also link to their most recent content/messages. We'll be starting with people like Donald Trump, Alex Jones and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but will be adding others as we grow. If you have suggestions on who you'd like to see added please contact us.



In the spirit of the lost ancient Library of Alexandria, we will be consolidating the most important "scrolls" of the modern age in one place. Focusing on the best "conspiracy" documentaries that have been banned/suppressed elsewhere. In this way we hope to become the go to place to research various taboo historical events and topics.



We all know the true frontlines of the culture clash is the meme war. For that reason we will be dedicating a whole portion of our project to meme creation on important topics. These will be easily sharable and information dense, with a common design language and Project Revelation watermark. We will use these on our legacy social media accounts (Instagram/Twitter) to both reach the "normies" and advertise for our platform. Here is one such meme:




And now, finally what everyone has been waiting for: Tokenomics.

LISTING PRICE: $0.235 (23.5 cents)

Will be listed on the Hive decentralized exchange "tribaldex.com" on FEB 28th.

(You'll need a hive account to trade, if you don't have one, go to signup.hive.io, pick an option, then download this extension: Hive Keychain, deposit HIVE/LTC/BTC then start trading)

This will be followed by the release of a wrapping portal and ERC20 wrapped version "$WREVX" (will be a custom smart contract that takes a 1.7% tax on all buys and sells to be distributed to Uniswap liquidity providers) that will be tradable on Uniswap on MARCH 8th.

Then finally we will release a wrapping portal for Binance Smart Chain and begin trading on their PancakeSwap DEX as well (should be within the month of March).


On the most basic level, $REVX is structured as follows:


144,000 tokens initially created with 144,000 tokens to be created over the next year and distributed in post rewards. This means there will be 12,000 tokens worth of inflation per month until we reach a total of 288,000 in February of 2022. At this time we will decide whether to hard fork, create a secondary rewards token or to source rewards from other places.

Voting rewards/voting $ value is based on a modified version of Hive's "delegated proof of stake" protocol. This means each user's voting power will be proportional to the amount of $REVX they have staked on the platform. Unlike Hive however, we have adjusted multiple aspects of this system to be more lucrative for our users.


For instance:

  • FASTER POWER DOWNS: Our "power down" (unstaking) period is only 28 days as opposed to Hive's 91 day period. This means you will receive 1/4th of your staked holdings every week once the power down has started as opposed to 1/13th a week on Hive.

  • BETTER AUTHOR REWARDS: Our distribution on rewards per post are 88% to the author and 12% to the curators (people who upvote the post), as opposed to 50/50 on Hive. Again, our focus is to reward our creators as much as possible to attract high quality content to the site

  • QUICKER REWARD PERIOD: Our reward period on Project Revelation is only 3.5 days from the posting date as opposed to Hive's 7. This allows authors to be compensated faster for their work. This goes for comment rewards as well, so non creators are also more quickly compensated for interacting with content.


The initially created 144,000 are split up between 5 main categories.

  1. Hive Dex/Uniswap/Binance Smart Chain Liquidity: We will be listing our token on 3 separate decentralized exchanges to maximize our access to trading capital/liquidity. As those familiar with the operation of DEX's know, you must provide tokens for liquidity as well as another asset (HIVE/ETH/BNB) to allow users to both buy and sell. This brings us to our second area of distribution.

  2. Founders Distribution (Liq Providers): 28,000 tokens have to allotted to founders of Project Revelation in return for provided the counter assets necessary for listing on these decentralized exchanges above. They exchanged other digital assets for $REVX tokens at $0.80 (80 cents) per token even though we are listing today at $0.235 (23.5 cents) as a show of good faith in the project.

  3. Project Treasury (Locked): 28,000 tokens are being kept in possession of the development team in order to cover future promotions/airdrops/sub projects. For instance the creation and advertisement of a high quality documentary (will be detailed further in roadmap below). This 28,000 $REVX will be powered up, meaning it won't be instantly tradable. When we do dip into this fund, it will take a full week to get out 1/4th, with the full amount available in 28 days. This gives holders/traders plenty of time to sell if they please.

  4. 12 Initiates Delegation (Locked) : 28,000 tokens will be powered up (same staking lockup restrictions as above) and delegated to our 12 initiates. They will not be able to trade or power down these tokens, but they will increase their voting power so they can reward their commenters for interacting with their posts.

  5. Airdrop: 9,000 tokens have been put aside specifically for airdrops. 4,000 of these tokens will be given to the 12 (333 $REVX a piece) to distribute to their communities. 5,000 will be used to distribute randomly to Diesel Pool liquidity providers on TribalDex.com to incentivize community members provide trading liquidity.


Buy pressure on $REVX will come from a few use cases:

  • VOTING POWER: To power up and create more voting power and therefore influence on the platform/the ability to give out more rewards

  • WHITELIST ACCEPTANCE: To power up in order to gain a spot on the whitelist and be able to post content (token amount required will be determined based on current token price)

  • REVELATION STOREFRONT: To use to purchase physical/digital items on the onsite store such as: courses, books, and services from our creators, as well as our exclusive Revelation merch drops (think Surpreme/Nelk Boys style limited drops) will include things such as the custom (to your birthday) Numerology/Astrology jersey's below as well as other items like crystals, stickers, t-shirts ect.


  • REVELATION NFT TCG: To purchase Revelation TCG NFTs. Think a combination of the gameplay of Yu-Gi-Oh, the esoteric knowledge of the Illuminati Card Game and the functionality of "Splinterlands" (Hive NFT trading card game Dapp).

simple math.png

Our NFTs will also include STL files for the purchaser to use to 3D print models of each character for physical display. See the sneak peak of our first Great Pyramids NFT below:

1st Edition.jpg



Our project's road map is split into 3 main sections:


  • Launch the platform
  • Launch token on TribalDex
  • Launch REVX Telegram group
  • Launch ERC20 wrapping portal
  • Launch Uniswap trading on March 8th
  • Launch BSC wrapping/trading on PancakeSwap (before end of month)
  • First Revelation NFT airdropped to $REVX token stakers and liquidity providers


  • All 144 secondary creator invites sent out
  • Private stakers/creators Telegram opened
  • Twitter like interface added
  • GUI upgraded from Hive clone aesthetic
  • First NFT booster packs released
  • REVX site store opened
  • First merch drop


  • Revelation Paperback book released (June)
  • Revelation NFT trading card game launched on the Hive blockchain (July)
  • Revelation Documentary released (November)

Alright, that about wraps it up. Thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any further questions about the project.

We are very excited to get the project off the ground and grateful for the Hive community and the blockchain they have built for the technology to build it on.

Much love,

~Revelation Dev Team



I'm happy to see more truth communities but I worry the heavy religious branding will turn people off. I understand the intention behind starting with a small group of preselected content creators however it also ironically means this is the only tribe people are pre-censored from :P

Lots of neat ideas though, best of luck with this :)

Cool, if you don't like it don't use it.

Great article.... I have heard once before that the word "apocalypse" means the truth being revealed, and a mass awakening. I see what you mean about it causing the end of the world as we know it. Just look at the deep state reacting to Trump fighting the deep state aka military-industrial complex! Never in history has anything like that happened before, only proxy wars dictated by the deep state, but never against the deep state itself.

This is a great project, and I would recommend, in addition to replacing Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, to also replace Google search, and Wikipedia (Mike Lindell harshly criticized Wikipedia the other day for their article about him). Everipedia is a decentralized replacement for Wikipedia, so you should check it out. There is no replacement for Google yet though.

This is what Hive is here for. It is an ideal platform for people who were displaced elsewhere.

Welcome to the world of Hive and looking forward to seeing how your roadmap is implemented.

Great to see a tribe that is interested in pulling in a lot of viewers and has some reach.

Damn, Hive is starting to get serious. I like it :)

Your response to @ausbitbank speaks volumes...


i felt that too. Yet, we all have kinks of consciousness to which we can be blind. i see the light shining from within all souls, the light of the one true self.

I think the list of Raptured they'll be starting with speaks even louder. There are parts of this that seem like a good idea, in that we do need more truth... but I've never heard anything that resembles truth from 2 of the 3 mentioned and I'm not familiar with any position RFK,jr. has taken on anything, but if he's in that line up I have serious doubts about what "truth" could possibly come out of him. You do realize truth is supposed to actually be true, right? I won't be supporting this. In fact, at a glance we should all actively combat it. This looks like some Q bullshit, and we don't need to feed the fucking death cult that's eating our society.

The names of the 12 choosen?

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This is awesome. Very well thought through, though I'm personally not a fan of the religious imagery.. no offence. Well done... be great to see where it goes and there's definitely a place for it on the web. Lots of great tweaks make this a really appealing themed front end.

Oh..ACCEPTENCE = acceptance, just a wee heads up. Xx Sorry to be a spelling asshole but thought you might appreciate it.

Thanks, corrected lol

I've got a feeling this will be huge!! Already aped in because I must have skin the game. Truth-themed, uncensorable tribe of established, verified, trustworthy content creators, accompanied by an NFT trading card game sounds like a no-brainer to me in the era of misinformation and censorship.

Got an issue with upvoting though. Although I have some REVX staked, votes always turn up being worth 0. Is this an interface or blockchain issue?

ah shit my bad I think I accidently blew all of todays inflation by having 50% staked on this account, I gotta go delegate it to the initiate accounts. too much power in one vote lmao

Do eeet ser ples cuz my vote is still worth nothing while having more than 1% of the supply QQ

Well everyone that isnt from their tribe is muted and so are you. So your vote will always be worth 0. https://scot-api.steem-engine.net/@runicar?hive=1&token=REVX

Will be listed on the Hive decentralized exchange "tribaldex.com" on FEB 28th

Did you build this decentralized exchange "tribaldex.com" ? What's the difference to Hive-Engine ?

I didn't build it, but it lets you do cool stuff like deposit BTC/LTC

Why not use Hive Engine ?

its on there too they share the same pools

tribaldex is launched by hiveengine team and is just rebraned. Tribal Dex also have NFT's and DIeseal pools while hive engine only have tokens. It's same but different interface like peakd and hive.blog.

It's built by aggroed and his team. It has more options than Hive-Engine, which will be kept simpler (from aggroed words).

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Tour Update - Financial stages

The post is amazingly informative and am thinking thou it looked religiously contentful, hope the block chain part is fully solid

lmao one picture of the last supper really has you guys triggered huh

I am loving the comments!

Well I know it's not religious symbology it's just symbology. Religiouns didn't own these symbols before they decided to plagiarize them.

But recognizably it might seem you want to create a token as a form of ritual magick.

It's just questionable - which will be your first 12 crackpots? And will the crackpots being deseatable in the future?

There's some pretty sly demons in the form of humans out there - it's all about power - wherever we can get it.

I would consider you already have a bunch of people in mind for your initial 'committee'.

In which case - goodo! Good luck!

Maybe I'll see some effects of it in the sidelines. Maybe not.

In the meantime, hello Hive.

man you guys take things way too seriously. Everyone take a deep breath, its a 5 minute photoshop job. Not that deep lmao

Well then you're just throwing around symbols that represent the universe around willy nilly and not taking them seriously while claiming to represent 'revelation' and 'apocalypse' in a time of actual revelation and apocalypse. Makes me not want to take you seriously...

Possibly take yourself more seriously?

More communities on Hive are always welcome! Will keep an eye on this and wish you the best of luck! Happy buidling!

What is the big picture marketing plan to bring in outside people?

Oh boy!

I think this is a great initiative. Never mind the imagery or references to religious texts, I am quite curious as to how the community will swarm around the 12 Initiates and the dynamics that will develop. More tribes within tribes?

Hive communities have often formed around tangible topics (Finance, gaming, writing etc.) this is one initiative that may lead to a "big bang" of ideologies. The idea that tribes could form around initiates (i think they will), fighting for favour (staked power = incentive/influence) will add interesting new dimensions to Hive space. Let's see where this project leads to!

Good luck!


it is an amazing concept and I hope I get the chance to post in this community someday

Super Glad to be here and part of the first users! Really looking forward to seeing what you guys do! Already staking tokens!

Sounds like a powerful and unstoppable project.

Hive is a place for everyone, I'm happy to see more community join and build here.

Web 2.0 people underestimate the value of freedom of speech.

Good luck, I will look into it :)

So proud of our online community. We get slander, we get hate, we take all of the arrows of their karma.

It is now our chance to REVEAL!!

I could publish many things here, Have you already chosen the 12 chosen ones?

So it is my understanding I stumbled in here and this was supposed to be whitelisted. Apparently, I helped you guys find something you needed to be aware of. I would like to continue to help on this project if I can please. I am uniquely able to. I am not only very well versed in the "Tin Foil Hat" world, but I also hold a BAS in Digital Media. I am used to working on teams, and I have been around Steemit since the beginning. My account HIVE is new because I got phished in the recent Hivesigner "hack" but again, I would like to humbly apply to help on this project. Please?

Awesome. Sounds like a interesting tribe

This is a new take on the tribe! Excited to where it goes. I believe this will be a great undertaking. Kudos to the team!

Drutang brought me here.

Excited for the NFTs and the learning experience.

Dunks on a group of normies


Stoked for some sick Merch and NFTs.

The content creator lineup is fire.

Ready af for an Epic documentary LETS FUCKING GO

OK, now we are talking!!

Is this tribe a competitor to the InfoWars tribe? It seems to be based on some of the same principles so there is some overlap.

Let em try to take Hive Content down, we're ready to hodl the line.

So, I have a question... who is the ~Revelation Dev Team?

How do I enter the project and start voting and sharing? Someone give me a registration link or how is it?


  • E



  • E

squnto trogdor.jpg

Really exciting project

Looks great! I would always support a project like this since I am a professional astrologer. As long as they are open to feedback and integrate the right ones this can grow out of proportions. If you need any help selecting electional dates for launching stuff please contact me, i'll be happy to support a project like this!

Many Blessings!

Oh boy



I'm IN!

upvote #17