The future Of Crypto - Project Revelation

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The obsure and infamous esoteric heavyweight!



"The liberty enthusiast"

@DrutangAtHome - Has done it again. Once again, he delivers the goods for us.

Project Revelation (PR for short) Is now supplying very generious airdrop token.

I highly recomend you get on board now, by following the simple steps on the main article about the project.

I can tell you from DIRECT personal EXPERENCE. This is no pump & dump rug pull degan-defi ponzi scam.

Ive been around long enough to spot them a mile off!

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In all honesty, people will call us crazy. Then again, that's what they said about facebook.....


I second all of these statements, Drutang has never steered me wrong and wont start now!!

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A great project indeed!